making do makes awesome

i love cooking. and i love trying new things. but i hate making umpteen trips to the store—and try as i might, i never seem to be able to get it all in one fail swoop.

so what happens? this leads to:
a lot of riffing on recipes.
and a lot of trips to the store.
a lot of ingredient-specific schemes.

sunday night, was an extremely rare occasion where i cooked an entire amazing meal without having to leave my house for a single ingredient. three cheers!

what did i concoct?
  • using two frightingly large zuchinni's that i let get away from me, and some whithering green onions, i whipped these zuchinni fritters out. 
  • tomato salad: finally hot enough, we are awash in tomatoes and a smattering of basil. basil, tomatoes, stale bread? check!
  • two weeks ago at the market i bought green beans. last week, potatoes. scrounge up the last of my garden arugula and plain yogurt, and the green bean potato salad was in business.
  • thank goodness for some awesome cut-and-come-again kale, and having my own chickens: this kale slaw was awesome. [i forewent the anchovies, for the sake of convenience and my vegetarian friends.]
  • and then, meatloaf. this is the best recipe i've ever used meatloaf.


Summer Days

chamomile suntea, try it and love it
(.23 c. chamomile blossoms + 4 c. water + sunshine)

sunny afternoons outdoors on a beat up porch