check out my beans—!

the garden is coming together.
i feel like i've got the monkey off my back and can slow down a little.
all i have left is two tomatoes and the front bed, which i actually got some work done on last night. the mystery flowers in the front have turned out to be campanula and look lovely.

the beans were my biggest worry.
it will be the first year i've grown beans and i am very caught up in it.
first i thought i'd be too late, now i'm worried the dirt is too hard.

this time around i don't have someone telling me to just let it be. let it grow. let it do its thing. so i have to remind myself that plants want to grow and that hopefully my beans will want to grow for me.
the flower seeds aren't letting me down, so that is encouraging.

the flowers in the trees are all gone: dogwood, lilac, crabapple; the poppies beginning to fade, the peonies at their peak. the irises are going strong, mostly purple with a few yellow ones. things appear to be in a holding pattern, i haven't noticed any outrageous growth from the tomatoes and i am doing my best not to water them too much.

i ended up planting four different kinds of summer squash, eggplant, three kinds of melons, two kinds of winter squash, celery, cauliflower, three kinds of beans, four cherry tomatoes, four slicing tomatoes and one paste tomato. chives, sage, rosemary, parsley, fennel, verbena, and dill.

i want to start a bucket of chard on the porch but have been unable to locate chard seeds.the salad is ready to harvest, the carrots haven't come through very well for me.

to do:
1. front flower bed: azaleas out, perrenials in
2. chicken coop (see below)

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