a garden update

the garden flounders. my attention withers.
the unlikelihood that i will make this house my home hinders my motivation. its a matter of time and its completely undecided. it could be next month—it could be september.

the melons appear to be dead, as well as any squash seeds i've planted. i am not sure if it was too much sun, too little water, or the chickens. my money is on the chickens—either stomping them or snacking on them.

the beans are suffering a nearly similar fate.
though it appears that the scarlet runner beans are coming up.
the beans were the project i was most excited about and now through my lack of attention they aren't doing so well.

i don't have a chicken coop or run built, so the girls have free reign. again, the instability of my situation saps me of my drive to contain the chickens.

if you can't tell, i don't like being on uncertain ground.

on a more positive note, the tomatoes, cukes, and other squash are all doing very well. maybe in the coming weeks my verve will return and i will be more active in the lives of my plants.

in the meantime i cook the chickens barley and shred carrots.

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