observations about chickens

my chickens appear to think i'm their rooster.
(well, really i am. in a way. but...not that way.)
each one, once it starts laying, periodically will freeze and squat when i walk by. for me, it provides me an opportunity to pet and socialize them. but their position to me suggests they are expecting to be mounted...

isolde has started laying...
under the qunice bush next to a small turqoise (egg shaped) football.

the weather has drastically changed, getting very cold.
i've decided to start feeding the chucks more, help them beef up and stay warm. i can't remember if i was told to do this, but it seems to be an inherently intelligent decision.

the coop needs a roof, soon.
but i'm away this weekend, so...next week.
it needs to be light. if possible. lighter than what i have now. but, fully sealed. i also intend to run an extension cord and a light/heat lamp out there. if for no other reason than to lure the chickens into the coop (and not atop it.)

p.s. these are the nesting boxes i bought for 1$ on craigslist. i painted them white and attached them to the far side of my coop (the most private side, for my finicky chucks.)

anyways. chickens. 'nuff said.

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