status report: heavy lifting? check!

today i tackled the coop upgrade and move.
the only immediate thing left i to attach the nesting boxes.
i'm feeling pretty proud. my coop tasks were ambitious.

i am not sure if i am up for digging post hole tommorrow.
but my other overly ambitious goal is to have a fence erected by monday night. a very long fence to reign in the chucks.

the animals are driving me slightly mad.
the cats are needy, the neighborhood cat obnoxious and pushy, the chickens are stubborn and a little stupid. then i throw a dog into the mix...all hell breaks loose. every once in awhile its just a little too much. especially with the neighbor cat bursting into the house at every chance.

tomorrow i'll attach the nesting boxes.
three chickens are laying now. io, brigitte, and odette (i think). last tuesday through an ingenious brainstorm, i found their egg cache. while in portland i had bought a set of nesting boxes for a dollar. these days i am more than happy to pay someone to do something for me, the glory of doing it myelf isn't nearly so enticing.
(especially when i can pay 1$ for it...)

the bedrooms are painted. also a big list item marked off.
sigh. is it really true? is the end really in sight?

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