ever so humble

after a serious whirlwind of out of town and out of house action, i finally found myself with several days of leisure time. and while a good chunk of it was spent with a particular man in my life, i did actually spend some of it being productive in the backyard.

last night i surveyed my backyard and thought—we're getting there.
things don't look quite so trashy.

the three day weekend was good to me.
i got a lot of things cleaned up, put away and planted.

the garden is nearing completion, thank god. tomatoes are looking good, beans are sprouting, i'll plant the last of my potatoes today.

always, continuously , working on the chicken coop.
added a wood border at the base to keep hay in, will be refitting the roof this week hopefully. will be adding a area of gravel around the coop to ward away muddiness and give the chickens something to do. right now i have three-fourths of the chicken yard fenced off and am trying to green it up a bit with some yellow clover and pasture grass mix. yesterday it sprouted, and with rainy seventy degree weather for the next week, i could be well on my way, finally.

otherwise, the chickens are good. all outside loose together. couple of roosters have cropped up, much to my dismay and i will need to work at getting them out the door soon.

next week i will try to get my scrap wood out to the dump.
might try to get a shed put in too.
wouldn't that be utterly fabulous?
god, i don't know what i would do with myself.

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