once bitten...

i'm on a spending spree.
my terrible planning of my berry bed has left me practically berry-less.
the two blueberries i ordered from raintree nursery are holding on but everything i ordered bareroot from indiana berry is dead.

i am a victim of bad timing and guilty of overestimating my own get-up-and-go. the plants had a rough welcoming, a late start and a piss-poor environment.

so today i ordered 75 everbearing strawberry plants from farmer seed—ozark, quinalt and ft. laramie, as well as victoria rhubarb and dwarf lemon and lime trees for the house. let me tell you, farmer seed has amazing prices.

then i bit the bullet and ordered more items from raintree nursery. if you pre-order now for spring 2009 you can lock in 2008 shipping charges—which given the price of gas, is definitely going to go up. so i ended up with two jewel black raspberries and one each of: royalty purple rasberry, highbush cranberry, hinnomake red gooseberry and primus white currant. as a bonus, i got a free red japanese maple.

the berries won't come until next march, giving me plenty of time to amend the beds and make them perfect.

spent a couple of hours planning my fall crops, winter amendments or cover crops and my likely spring crop rotation. a couple hours later i wonder if i am really making it too difficult. sometimes i think i over-think things.

either way, the garden had a rough start but next year will be better. i will learn from my mistakes and not over-do it or buy all my plants too early. and i will set aside some time to plant everything in two days!

for now, time to pick some lettuce.

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