lesson learned

the squash are crowding out everything around them.
let's just say i've learned some things this year. (that seems to be the theme of this year)

lesson: squash! give them room and there is no need for multiple summer squash plants unless they are different kinds.
solution: next year i intend to give one bed to squash. delicata, butternut, yellow, grey.
maybe another winter squash.

lesson: cage your tomatoes early. everything they tell you is true.
solution: 'nuff said.

lesson: you don't need to plant that much lettuc.
solution: again, 'nuff said. i'll plant a little bit of lettuce, spinach and chard. then just replant as needed.

lesson: giving vining plants room to grow up.
solution: next year i am going to make an a-frame of trellis' and grow melons, cukes and perhaps vining squash on it. then plant my greens below.

lesson: cage your peppers.
solution: this year i caged my eggplants, i have yet to decide if it is beneficial, but i don't think it is hurting them. next year i will cage my peppers too. currently they are being over-run by squash.

lesson: succession planting!
solution: again, 'nuff said. i wasn't diligent about my dill and cilantro and now it has all gone to seed. i am hoping it will reseed itself.

lesson: harvest your radishes before they flower.
solution: plant fewer radishes.

i think those are all the lessons i have for today. sadly, most of them are common garden knowledge that even i myself knew, but didn't heed. my garden is quickly becoming a jungle. i've gotten two cukes thus far and am not sure if more are in store. i am almost tempted to rip out a squash plant so that everything can breath, but i love my delicata so that i am hesitant. guess we will see how things turn out.

i think this weekend might be a good one to co-opt my grandmother into some weeding.

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