guess what?
i like beets!

this is a big deal. two years ago i tried beets—i made a cold beet and goat cheese salad. it was right when i was emerging from my seriously picky eater phase and i was really excited. but as the time came nearer and nearer to eating them i grew more apprehensive. and the ultimate result was that i was disgusted by these earthy smelling globes.

but this year i am growing beets—i just couldn't help myself (i also rationalized that i would use the greens like chard.)

last night i cooked up a few, emboldened by the fact that a handful of my dinner guests would eat them even if i wouldn't.

i plucked them from the earth, washed them, trimmed them, cut them in half, tossed them with olive oil, added some carrots for good measure, wrapped them in tinfoil and threw them on the bbq. this is my favorite way to do potatoes (and now beets too.)

delicious! i knew i had a chance the moment i took a whiff of them and detected no hyper-dirty scent. chiogga and golden, they were sweet and fell apart in my mouth with light pressure.

its always exciting when a new food enters my culinary repertoire.

for the rest of the meal we had cherry tomatoes tossed with lime basil, lightly peppered steak, pesto penne with caramelized onions and yellow squash, and green salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and cayenne peppers. blueberries were dessert.

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