an impromptu feast

had an absolutely lovely dinner party last night.
the kitchen was busy at first and then we settled down outside.
started with crostini and a olive/cheese spread, moved on to fresh green beans.

then barbecue roasted potatoes and kebabs made with eggplant, yellow squash, peppers and steak.

for dessert?
peach/nectarine-lavender pie—a spur of the moment creation!

it was a delightful evening. and the best was the amount of fresh food i was able to put to good use. i can solve my food and friend related problems if i just combine the two.

my new goal is to have more dinner parties.
impromptu ones during the week with the boys and whomever else, a few larger ones one the weekends—roping in as many companions as i can. work, play, other.

i am always at my best when i am entertaining.

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