sigh. snow.

didn't get my parsnips dug up in time!
and i'll be spending the evening trying to fix up the chickens a little better. i think i will be draping tarps across two of the sides to help with wind, and then put up another heat lamp. hopefully that will be enough.

not sure what to do about the water, wondering if a pet heater would keep it warm.

the snow is creating a lot of extra work for me...


  1. My chickens hate the snow and all this cold is making a TON of work for me too - I am taking care of a barn of 13 horses this week too. Groan.

  2. yeah.
    today, 8:30, my chickens were still huddled on their roosts basking in the heat lamps. and all the eggs i've collected have been cracked frozen!

    not feeling the snow this year...


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