summer '08 reflections

buying seeds for this coming season reminded me that i never properly reflected on last season, so i'll fly through a quick recap.

winners for 2008 included:

  • bush delicata, they grew like crazy! of course, having six plants helped.
  • sungold & black plum tomotoes. now added to my new favorites.
  • lipstick cayenne peppers and purple jalapenos.
  • purple podded beans. a prolific as the green ones i bought but way tastier.

losers for 2008:

  • cucumbers. they got completely blotted out by my peppers and delicata.
  • beets, spinach, kohlrabi and chard, all totally failed!
  • eggplant. first couple grew like gangbusters, then everything became stunted.
  • early girl tomatoes, not early. long keepers, barely grew. green zebras, kept splitting!
  • quarto di asto peppers, grew one, never ripened, never grew more.
  • butternut squash and acorn squash, grew maybe four each and lost at least two of those chickens.
  • melons, never grew larger than a tennis ball.
  • basil, got swamped by the tomatoes.
  • peas...were an afterthought and performs as such.

everything else performed marginally well. no massive infestations aside from bermuda grass and chickens. i didn't space my carrot planting out enough and i didn't harvest my parsnips before the ground froze. i let the cilantro and dill bolt too early, never planted my potatoes and didn't harvest my beans fast enough.

for this coming year i've avoided what failed, branched out a little and am hoping to learn from my mistakes and follow through on my plans in a timely manner.

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