we love the heat

yesterday it hit the 100 degree mark. actually, the 103 degree mark.
i'm glad to say that i've hit my mark and the heat no longer overwhelms me. now its just smooth, toasty, sailing through the rest of summer.

after finding what appears to be burn on my blueberries, i have ceased my overhead watering program. but i might revisit it over the weekend with some tweaks to keep the newly seeded fall crops (cabbage, broccoli, chard, parsnips, turnips, spinach) nice and moist. so for now i am watering less often than i was and nothing seems to be suffering too much.

in fact—my tomatoes grew at least six inches in less than three days, and the eggplant are exploding too. i think i'll be harvesting my first 'bride' eggplant today or tomorrow.

pictures to follow this evening!

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