refreshing summer rain

the heat wave has broken.
last night it rained. a lot. it was wonderful.
(although, a little ill-timed, given my plans for an outdoor play tonight.)

its smelled like rain and wheat harvest for the past several days. it was nice to suddenly have the sky break and the rain to come pouring down. not an ugly hard rain, but a pleasant one. i'm sure the garden is happy about it, i have been watering very sparsely.

i haven't been in the garden much.

still waiting on my own tomatoes but enjoying some delicious ones from the farm. will definitely make oxhart a pick for next years planting. there are two or three eggplant waiting for me to pick them, and one in my fridge waiting to be used.

i've completely ignored the beans.
should probably check in on them soon, i expect they are getting tough.

its hard to believe that the east coast and mid-west have had such an un-summery summer, when we have been here in 100+ degree heat for two weeks straight. i'm thankful that we are being hit with the blight the northeast has experienced and i hope the long hot days mean good things for my melon plants.

for now i'll enjoy the rain but i do hope the heat makes a comeback.

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