do frogs mean luck?

its been a frustrating week in the rest of my life. the kind where little, nagging, things keep going awry. just enough to make you want to curse, but not bad enough to make you want to cry.

the farm and garden has proven particularly therapeutic this week.
(last weekend the chickens ravaged some of my biggest, most beautiful tomatoes.)

tuesday i went out to the farm early and spent four hours harvesting for the CSA. we picked 12+ bags of cucumbers, a lug full of baby arugula leaves, heaps upon heaps of chard, and leaves of chinese kale large enough to constitute an outfit. and basil. sitting cross-legged in a patch of clover, gossiping and theorizing, picking spicy bush basil.

in the sink we found a small green frog.

today is wednesday, i still haven't made pickles or processes my peppers. or really done much of anything than be productive at the farm. things don't look good for tonight, i'll be indulging my country roots in a decidedly less productive manner—by hitting up the county fair.

thursday? my life outside of the kitchen/farm is really unpleasant this week.
so at this rate, i might take friday off. a long weekend is seriously in need.

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