returned to a slightly chaotic home after a mini-break that took an additional two hours each way. let's just say that i am glad to be home.

local score's that i am especially proud of are some honeycrisp apple cider from Rockridge Orchards and some hazelnuts that i picked up at the Ballard Farmer's Market. the cider has a nice tangy-ness too it, a breath of fresh air to overly sweet ciders, the hazelnuts will be something to experiment with...!

the only other noteworthy purchase was the Preparas Tabletop mister that was recently reviews on the Apartment Therapy Kitchen blog. haven't put it in action, but i would say already that i don't find it to be all that heavy, as they mentioned.

seattle was beautiful—the end of summer on the west coast is always lovely and temperate. i ate delicious pirosky from Pirosky Pirosky, lamb sausage pita at the 74th St. Ale House and breakfasted on bennies (benedict) at Hattie's in Ballard.

we just so happened to stop to snack on our pirosky with our backs to one of the more iconic photo ops in Seattle.

in walla walla you can feel fall on our heels, it makes for lovely cool night walks with the dog. i am looking forward to a quiet week and a quiet weekend (in five days). fall always seems more quiet to me.

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