my thursday: well spent

my thursday was well spent and has set me up for a weekend of productivity. that it is raining today makes the mini-break all the more sweeter.

spent the morning gleaning, coming away with six more winter squash, golden beets, peppers, tomatillos, dry beans, patty-pan squash and fatty carrots. took a break to sip coffee, play with children, and legalize the pooch.

the patty-pans

then some quick yard work to plant kale, beets, fava beans; pick a few melons and rip out my remaining cucumber plants.

in the the late afternoon i headed to the the farm. i have probably close to 100 pounds of tomatoes to show for it—plus beets, celeriac, mizuna greens, and potatoes. also happened to find the chicken's egg stash, which will be handy for the next few weeks (though i think they will move to sarah's for the winter).

half of the tomatoes i brought home

may i just say it was lovely at the farm. the sun was out and the clouds looked beautiful, i got filthy dirty right away and didn't have to be squeamish at all for the entire endeavor. the chickens were in the pig pen, eating scraps. it was absolutely lovely.

then i went home, cleaned myself up, poured a glass of wine and spent the evening scrubbing root vegetables, making stock, juicing melons and chatting with people as they came through the kitchen. tonight will be a repeat performance featuring eggplant, summer squash, tomatillos and peppers.

i'll hold off on the tomatoes until saturday, and i think applesauce may be on the menu for sunday. and plum jam. or prunes.

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