falling into the doldrums

its fall and it continues to be so. some of my favorite fall trees are losing their leaves and i am sad. its dark when i wake up and its dark when i leave work now. i am thankful for a dog that i have to walk at lunch or i might just lose my mind. but once the leaves are gone?

working at ignoring the hibernation instinct that is kicking in but i am also lacking in some fundamental motivation to complete some of the projects piling up around me. all the zest and verve i had at the end of the season is spent and now i am just overwhelmed.
and not even with good tasks. sigh.

everything else seems to cost money. there is no more 'get out of the house and out to the farm!' there is just 'get out of the house and out to the wine bar!' which is fun, but spendy. however, this craft from sunset magazine intrigues me and it might help me keep my fall color high into the darker months. perhaps i can find a way to do it for free.

perhaps tonight i will make a fire in the fireplace and scheme (from the relaxed safety of my couch). that probably has the greatest chance of helping my mood.

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