one of the best fall weekends

after a frustrating week at work i took friday off to catch up at home.
what an excellent idea. got some nagging home projects done (closet cleaning, dishwasher repair, etc...) which then spurred me to clean. its monday and i am still excited when i go into my clean bathroom.

the rest of the weekend was spent getting the backyard into better shape after weeks of inattention. over-grown grass trimmed down, rabbit burrows and dog holes filled in, various garbage picked up and my shed tidied.

picked up a bale of alfalfa hay to supplement the rabbits diet this winter. they are now living under the shed, wandering around the yard during the day and snacking. trying to get a nice weather-proof feeding set up for the for the winter, we'll see what i come up with next weekend.

for the chickens i am switching to flock raiser, hoping the higher protein content will help egg production. will be running a light out to the coop soon too—the girls are already going to bed around 5, yikes!

using a potato fork i forked up the beds and then used the leaves from the yard as a mulch. its a haphazard attempt to do some re-invigoration of the soil over the winter months. in the spring i can till everything in, and do some hardcore weed recon before planting anything.

it felt good to get so much done and spend so much time outside. and if i can get some compost work done this week or weekend, and clean out the chicken coop, i should be pretty well set for the winter months.

fall has its benefits.

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