a quiet november

the cold days seem slower.
the 'lazy days of summer' are somehow action packed, the sunlight invigorating us. now it is colder, darker. when i leave work the sun has set making the three hours between work and my summer dinnertime (eight) feel like forever. i eat early, i settle in and i sleep.

so there has been little to talk about.

some applesauce made, a pumpkin baked, wines and ciders tasted, good meals eaten. the leaves are mostly gone but are still in piles for rupert to jump through on our walks, there is snow in the mountains and i've had one wonderfully toasty successful fire in my fireplace.

no bread under my belt, but one dark days meal on record.
(the dark days challenge is indeed succeeding in making the time go by faster—nothing like a deadline to make long days seem short!)

today, with the holiday looming, work was quiet and i left early.
the opportunity to go home when it was still light out was a present in and of itself, and i used it to the best possible end: tidying up the chickens and winterizing the bunnies (i.e., lots and lots of hay and water in convienent and protected areas).

the coop is now cleaned up and re-arranged, their food and water stores replenished and a light strung up to improve their laying. i've been lax on this last one and wow, you notice it real fast. two birds moulting, one injured and the rest in winter-mode leaves me high and almost dry on eggs. things should improve in the coming weeks. i also restrung the tarp along the backside to break up cold drafts. the girls should be in good shape for winter.

and so...back to that pumpkin...any ideas what i should do with it?

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