ice on the inside of my windows

its almost hitting the pre-teens. yikes.
(and yes, there is ice on the inside of my windows)

yesterday i remembered that the farmer's almanac predicted a bitterly cold winter and resigned myself to a very cold winter. its unlikely that this week is an aberration and so i took early precautions for my fluff and feathered friends.

after three years i finally caved and bought a heated watered for the chickens. i just can't justify watering them three times a day for the rest of winter. so i went all out and picked up another light, a bag of scratch grains and a bale of grass hay. i've got to say, the chicken yard is looking pretty luscious—it is now the greenest spot in my entire yard.

haven't fully set up the bunnies for the winter yet, not sure what to do about water. and i think the cats might need an outdoor haven, although they are wising up and have spent most of the week indoors.

as have i. with a fire in the fireplace and the kitchen in full swing.
in the last few days i've succeeded in making butternut squash manicotti, cream of broccoli soup and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom top to bottom. i have to say, i'm cold but i'm feeling good.

everyone is still happy and alive. just chilly!


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM PST

    Hi Carly.Here are two resources for you.

    Locatifarms.com being in WW you might know of them. Josephsgrainery.com I have not ordered from them yet as I buy my flour ar cash n carry here in Richland and it is from Montana.Sue

  2. thank you so much!
    i am at the very least acquainted with the Locati's but am excited for the web-friendly way to track them down now that the farmer's market is no longer an option. especially excited about Joseph's Grainery!


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