winter barrel tasting 2009

for one? i tasted few barrels.
they were tasting from the barrel at Sleight of Hand, Va Piano and Tertulia.

none the less, fun was had.

wine highlights of the day?
Sleight of Hand Gewurtztraminer. i like the '07 but others favored the '08.
Dusted Valley Cabernet Sauvignon a new release this fall and its delicious.
Tertulia Mouvedre Rose. i love mouvedre and i love rose. i loved this rose.

other notables included the bordeaux blend in the barrel at Va Piano and the Semillion at Chateau Rollat. the Renegade at Sleight of Hand was tasty at its price point, the Barrel Thief Blend at Dusted Valley was tasty and the ice wine at Tertulia was also a crowd favorite.

it did not feel busy, as it has on other years, although the weather was nice. i heard Fall Release weekend was becoming the big sales weekend, while Barrel Tasting was mostly just that—tasting. hm.

either way, it was excellent to get out and get loud in a big suburban with a group of friends and dedicate a day to tasting the valley's offerings. the day was misty, over-cast, with bouts of blue sky. quite excellent.

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