bread baking goals: ammended.

so...what about all that bread i was going to make?
...yeah, hasn't happened.

but today i got a whole new jolt of vigor and purpose when i stumbled across a post on No Knead Bread. it wasn't their first post on Jim Lahey's book-slash-method but i had been dutifully ignoring all the mentions out of sheer guilt of not yet starting my baking project.

today was different somehow and after some light reading i was off like a cheap prom dress.

i'm now the proud owner of my bread: the revolutionary no-work, no-knead method.
sadly, i am not yet an owner of a 5 quart cast iron pot. sadly, the sale at Macy's had passed. (how dare they!)

this weekend will be the weekend. starting, friday after work—giving me plenty of time to devote my attention to the bread come saturday. very excited for the weekend now.

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