garden plotting

it is now january. the snow has dissipated, at least for now, and it is just grey, dreary, drizzly rain. not exactly the kind of weather you want to be going back to work to, but i guess the office keeps me out of it.

according to the wealth of gardening blogs that i read, it is time for me to sort through my garden seeds and begin making preparations for next year. i can say that this week especially i have missed the spring and summer days, so poking through the things-to-be and day dreaming about how beautiful the backyard will look in the summer sounded like a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

so i curled up on my bed and investigated every packet i owned. using this posting as a guide for what is still viable i sorted out what was too old to use, what was a mess and what was left.

what i found was that i almost everything i need for spring. holy crap.

it was quite a revelation, and a well timed one at that. this year i intend to buy seedling mats and make a concerted and well-planned effort in growing from seed. so my financial resources will be dedicated to that this year and less-so to seeds. it works out rather nice.

this year i will undoubtedly buy seed potatoes, it looks like i'll need beet seeds, and my splurge will be bean s for dried beans. but beyond that i will be doing pretty good. its going to be a very colorful spring and summer indeed.

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