garden report

friday i spent some time in the backyard, cleaning and assessing the state of things.

after some light fretting i've noticed the first radish sprouts to have come up. the onions have survived the bunnies and the chickens—i've used rupert as a guard dog most days and he's yet to do more harm than good. i picked up some broccoli plants and put them in as well.

after several weekends of scouring i've located arugula seed, so this week some of that will go down outside. why it was so difficult to find arugula, i have no idea. i finally succeeded at Walmart of all places.

downstairs things are looking good.

sunday i seeded another tray with some herbs and eggplants that i received from a friend, as well as additional seedings of anything that didn't come up too strong. most of the eggplant, peppers and tomatoes came up and are working on their second leaves, but the germination was spotty in places and its worth another shot.

the onions and beets i seeded indoors are practically a joke and i am trying my hardest to not just wipe the tray and start anew. trying to stay positively minded, but some darwinism may come into play eventually.

if i can keep up on watering, everything will live and i'll be a happy gardener come may.

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