seeds two-thousand-ten

okay. its here. the spring seed season.
using kathy's tool at skippy's vegetable garden, i learned that i am already behind.
but in my defense:
  1. i am not that far behind.
  2. it was quite cold yesterday and today, so spring isn't quite as close
  3. technically our 'frost-free' date is early may. and i fibbed for late april.
this is the first year that i've used heat mats and lights, and this is the first year that i haven't purchased much in the way of seed. i am also tracking my garden spending this year, so i'll have numbers at the end of it all to boot.

all of these elements are combining in such a way that i feel incredibly relaxed about the entire garden process. i took the time to know my seeds are good, tuesday night i sorted them out and last night i got the area set up and the first set of babies in the ground.

seeds-twenty-ten round one include a flat of onions, a flat of brassicas and cabbage, four kinds of eggplant, a flat of thyme, fifteen kinds of peppers, eight kinds of tomatoes and herbs. saturday i intend to turn over all the beds and set up a small patch for peas, radishes, arugula and fava beans.

...and we are on our way!

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