some excellent home and garden reads for today

while i wait for a spare moment to sit down at home and import some more adorable photos, i will sit at my desk job and intermittently check the new york times. today in a matter of clicks i stumbled upon some interesting reads that i thought i would share today.

behold my bounty:
along the theme of these articles i have to say that i am continually looking for a way to bring gardening indoors but am constant failure at it. my houseplants typically look wan at best, snacked on at worst.

the same failure of attention spelled doom for my last kombucha project as well, although it is something i would like to get started with again.

so often i wish to be building patterns in my life that make the homemade tasks part of the daily grind and i've never found it easy. its hard to feel that you are embracing a way of life when it doesn't come easy. i'm not sure what the solution is.

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