early morning musings

this morning i am sipping coffee and blogging before riding my bicycle to work.
it's earth day and thus, get to work green day. its cold and blustery and riding my bicycle does not feel very enticing. but the ride is short and regardless of random holidays, my intention has been to bike more.

the house seems quieter with puff the cat gone but maybe its just different.
i hope that he is finding a home better suited to him and while i feel bad i also feel elated that i will not be cleaning up cat piss anymore.

last night we caught cholo (my lionhead bunny) finally and he has now been deposited in the hutch with moses (the grey mini-rex). it's already given moses more to do and beyond keeping the garden safe, it will be a better bunny experience for the both of them and that makes me happy. i'm realizing i can feed them the weeds from the front yard and likely kitchen scraps.

the garden is looking good.

i was impatient and pessimistic but things are starting to grow. more than anything i remember not harvesting in time, so i think my expectations were for wild, uncontrollable growth. i forget, that isn't until the heat comes. there is now steady rows of beets and carrots, arugula and radishes. i even see a few parsnips and salad greens coming through. the peas are sparse, i may plant again this weekend.

i'm trying to decide if i should be concerned about cross polination in my squash, melons, cucumbers and corn. thoughts? it mainly affects where i plant things.

the potatoes in the drive way are starting to poke through—i am not sure what elias has planned. on easter i came home to find my neighbor getting the driveway bed ready and when he mentioned he would plant potatoes i went running for my box of sprouted farm-grown potatoes. yes! potatoes are something i have wanted to grow and are somehow intimidated. i've never done it right yet. now he can be their primary caregiver and i will reap some of the benefits.

the grass is growing, the maples have leafed out.

the birds are twittering. for that matter, so am i. @agrowinggirl—either small garden news or interesting articles. you can find it to the right and you can even follow me. i find its a great way to share related information without a full post.

enjoy earth day. spend it outside, even if its raining.

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