spring cheating

this past weekend i missed out on the nicest weekend in walla walla yet.
but in return i did get to spend one especially lovely afternoon in seattle at gasworks park and the opportunity for two farmer's market shopping sprees. (photos to come this afternoon.)

so i am a little envious to have missed out on a sunny day in the mid-80's but i am super excited to play with my farmer's market finds over the next few days. i've got the spring staples (literally) in the bag: rhubarb? check. raab? check. asparagus? check. i was disappointed to not find any pea shoots or fava beans, but i did manage to score some mint, leeks, and kale—not to mention two items i've been dying to try: sunchokes and stinging nettles. (just last week i was reading up on stinging nettles.)

and for good measure i picked up some beauregard sweet potatoes. a few to eat and a few to sprout. just before my mini-break i decided i would try and sprout some sweet potatoes this spring and plant them by the driveway. i picked one up at the grocery store, but am more excited to know what varietal i'll be growing.

this is going to be a good (and eventful) week.

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