upcoming weekend of work

after two radical changes to my weekend plans (work? no. play? no.) and the realization that i've spent way too much money the last week-and-a-half on social activities, it looks like this upcoming weekend will be chock full of yard work. the especially disgusting and hard kind—like cleaning an entire winter's worth of hay and chicken poo out of the coop and trying to do something meaningful with it. yeech.

also on the agenda is completing my rainwater barrels.
being spring again, each rainy day is a reminder to me that i haven't completed this project from last year and i am missing precious opportunity to re-use some rain resources.

on my own i can become quite the work horse so there is a lot of potential this weekend. just this moment i can think of at least three other sizable projects i can work on (could i really pull this off on my own?).

there is a part of me that is looking forward to some time to myself, some time for reflection through physical labor. i think it will do me good. if it all really happens, i'll have a pretty amazing feeling of accomplishment (once i've taken the longest shower ever).

...of course, the weather report isn't cooperating.

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