cold holiday weekends? no fair.

the cold wet april weather that is holding us in her grasp now into june is starting to grate on me. it hasn't done much (if any) damage to the garden but it does prevent me from spending all my time out of doors, which is my favorite spring and summer activity.

saturday i barbecued for my family and a major overhaul of the patio area was required just to make sure we could all stay dry should the weather turn unexpectedly. the layout is nice, i'll probably keep it that way for awhile. i whipped up asparagus and salad from market purchases and grilled some chicken with a couple of tasty rubs i whipped together. i'll try to get the recipes posted later today.

sunday we were blessed with a sunny afternoon, just in time for the second barbecue we assembled at our place. no sooner did we all go home to nap than it began raining on patio set draped lovingly with old thrift-store sheets. talk about timing.

sunday we barbecued turkey and tofurkey sausage, whole ears of corn and pork kabobs. with a no-spend-meal goal in mind, i threw together some vegetarian chili (featuring local chickpeas, home-canned tomatoes, spring sweet onions and backyard herbs) and some corn bread. add salad and asparagus and we were a well-fed bunch.

even though all the other moments i didn't mention were rainy and chilly, it was still a decent holiday weekend.

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