farmer's market cooking

i've really been enjoying shopping at the farmer's market each week. i get excited about what's new and can watch the growing season progress first hand. as i poke along the vendors i think about what i might want to eat the coming week, what kinds of things i can create with the tasty morsels offered.

i thought i would share a sampling of what i've been whipping up
sunday i made potaotes gratin with some of my new potatoes, and snacked on strawberries for breakfast.

monday i made a stir-fry with snow peas, asparagus, and cipolinni onions. some garlic, ginger, lemon juice and soy sauce rounded it out and gave it a flavorful punch.

wednesday i tried roasted radishes and pasta with sauteed orach. (what is orach? learn here!) and whipped up a big batch of my new favorite arugula garlic scape pesto.
and today was the day for more rhubarb simple syrup for my rhubarb lemonade for the hot weekend that is ahead of us.
and tomorrow is saturday—and thus, market day!
i am especially excited for strawberries, cherries and more potatoes for a tasty sunday breakfast.

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