farmer's market: week eight

its getting to the point where i'm surpassing $20/week and i can't keep track. but when it comes to eating fresh local vegetables, that's a good thing—right?
  • strawberries: 2 pints for $5
  • potatoes: 1# for $3
  • peas: $3
  • arugula: $2
  • salad greens: $3
  • orach: $3
  • broccoli: $1
  • radishes:$1
  • hummus: $5
total: $26

this week i have intentions on trying roasted radishes, stir fry with peas and broccoli and doing a large batch of the pesto i made last week (i love it that much.)

in other news, its the first week i haven't bought asparagus or onions. that last one was a mistake i think. but the asparagus—its just about time to give that a rest.

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