garden work

i came home ambitiously on Monday and went straight out into the garden.

over the weekend the chickens went apocalyptic on the salad greens, like frenzied sharks. oops. there goes the lettuce, spinach and salad mix. i must have been in a decent mood because i spent a moment in shock and awe and then shrugged it off—i guess when you already have a fridge full of spinach, bok choi, tatsoi, salad greens and arugula, you aren't too concerned about what's going on outdoors.

so i pulled out the lettuce, radishes and spinach. the black radishes performed incredibly poorly for me, no more for me thank you. i filled the bed with more salad, a row of Egyptian beets, five more eggplant, nine celery starts and a row of beans.

i tucked some spinach and celery among the cucumbers, some parsley among the tomatoes, and then quickly became overwhelmed by the chamomile and the anthill i disturbed by the other set of eggplant.

tonight the plan is to pull the chamomile and finish weeding the strawberries.

if i get that done and still have some energy i am going to drag out some compost and amend the upcoming squash bed and the flower box in the front. i think this year i'll try some random vegetables out front—everything i can't find room for elsewhere. could make a nice entry way.

everything is rolling along nicely.

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