a little bit here and there

last night i finally got some zuchinni seeds in the ground. !!!

i planted four types (magda, gadzukes, yellow straight, verte et blanc) in my strawberry bed after some vicious weeding. i am hoping as the squash grow large they will dominate and make it inhospitable for the weedlings. i also threw some cosmos and calendula seeds in to add some color.

the temperature is finally picking up and all the warm-crops are benefiting. the cucumbers are finally making progress and the tomatoes look happier than ever. the cool season crops are all bolting, so i sowed another series of radishes and greens in an attempt to fake them out.

the little seedlings i inherited are struggling from my lack of attention. i threw a few artichokes in the ground simply because they didn't look like they could live much longer. my 'structure' is slowly coming apart as i just try to get.things.in.the.ground.

so my priorities are to rescue the seedlings and plant winter squash seeds.
secondary priorities are any remaining brassicas and dry beans. and weeding. lots of it.

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