this is the year

i've had a red-letter weekend of productivity sprung from aimlessness. who knew?

friday i put together another tray of seedling cups and filled them with flowers and herbs. i won't start another tray until it is time to kick off the squash, melons and cucumbers.

i'm hardening off (if not abandoning) the cabbage—i'd like to plant it in the front yard and my plans for that just aren't quite yet together. but it is still alive and it's the melissa cabbage, which i have had a crush on for some time. so i would like to follow through on it and my few onion sprouts. think positively.

saturday i threw down a row of arugula and another of mizuna, with a handful of red candle radishes in between. no sooner had i raked it over then we were gifted some luscious rain from the sky. my timing has been spectacular this season so far and i have to admit i've been feeling very fortunate.

i think this could be a red-letter year, if i just don't get carried away.


  1. Ah yes. Getting carried away is my downfall, too. I think the husband is rolling his eyes slightly at my ambitious gardening undertakings. So many lovely things to plant though!

  2. I tend to become easily overwhelmed, so the two in tandem can create something of a disaster. Feeling more positive this year...


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