arugula pesto

things warmed up and i slowed down.
i.e.—the front yard isn't where it needs to be ("needs" as in, ready for me to plant peppers there).

so, in a panic of where i would be planting all my pepper seedlings, i decided to harvest my swath of first-crop arugula. and what do you do with that much arugula? make pesto.

i washed it all in my handy roasting pan, arugula has the tendency to be gritty-dirty.

and then i threw it in my food processor with some cloves of garlic, olive oil and some toasted pumpkin seeds. i love it. it's shockingly green and nice and spicy. i've been using it to dress up grain salads but have some plans for pasta with arugula pesto and maybe a spinach-arugula pesto lasagna.

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