first day of spring

the seeds i planted week before last are coming up.
so far: poppies, radishes, lupines, spinach, chard, lettuce
tomorrow i need to get more sweet peas in the ground and the fence up.

i am so glad that i got the beds worked over when i did.
i've had just enough energy to enjoy the unfolding of greenery. looks like the lilies, peonies, bleeding hearts, roses, delphiniums, daffodils, hyacinth and tulips are all coming up strong. the violets growing in the grass make the entire front yard smell delicious. the liliacs are beginnging to green up and i can't wait to open my window and smell that wonderful smell.

the turtle (morla) is finally outdoors, safely in her pen.
only a few adjustments left, mostly for her own safety.

next wednesday my chickens will be arriving.
what should i name them?
getting chickens is a little ridiculous given my situation.
i should count on staying her all summer, otherwise, everything is screwy.
for right now, i don't care. maybe i'll buy this place after all.
(wouldn't that be lovely? c'mon finance fairy, come and see me...)

tomorrow is friday and fridays are fantastic.
off early with two more days to play.

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