spring creeps in

wednesday the chickens arrive.

two buff orpintons and two golden laced wyandottes. the barred rock and rhode island red were back ordered beyond my level of patience. the two breeds i ended up getting are the two i have always been most interested in. they will look good together aestetically. i haven't picked out names but i am starting to think about thinking about it. my excitement over fresh eggs is mounting. my chicken supplies sit in wait. i'm feeling confident, if anything, my experience with milo has shown me to be a good parent, a good librarian, and to produce good animals from that combination.

the yard is currently in a holding pattern.
my early seeds are planting, the weeding and cleaning up is for the most part, done. what remains is the clean up of my cleaning up, the transplantation of the azaleas, securing the backyard and maybe mowing the lucious grass. morla the turtle has an enclosure now, and a makeshift fence has been erected.

the gate and the fence are top priority. then maybe spring planting. i don't think it will frost again this season and i would like to jump into the garden as soon as possible. this hurry up and wait time has been good.

hyacinths are out and i have them in the house to perfume the air.
soon i will need to go through my seeds yet again and decide what i can plant this/next week.

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