don't count your chickens

today was the day my chickens were to arrive.
i speak in the past tense, because two of them didn't and the two that did have apparently died before i could ever retrieve them! their little chicken home is still warm and cozy back at my house, eagerly awaiting their presence.

what shitty news. i've been waiting for weeks.
my roommate has been telling me that they die easily. that i shouldn't name them for awhile because they might die. well, they died before i ever even got to look at them. i don't know whether to think their death was to humble me (my chickens won't die) or caused by all the "baby chickens die" talk.

every supplier in the area is out and all the online suppliers require an order of no less than 25. i cannot have 25 chickens and i don't know anyone else in the market for chickens.

i guess i'm glad they died on someone else's watch. i would feel even worse if they had died after i got them home.

if anyone has bright ideas on how to get me some alive & kicking fluffy baby chickens, i'm listening with great attention.

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  1. i love the blog. you should get pollan's other book botany of desire. is equally good. we still going to have a farm?



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