a weeks worth of urban farming

i cut daffodils the other day (cut flowers in the house are one of my all time favorite things, especially when you can cut them from your own garden) and on of their stems did a peculiar thing. i am very impressed that my camera was able to capture it. props to canon and their macro functions!

friday i made beef barley soup. it was delicious. i wish i had had a greater audience to share it with. for now, i think it will have to sit in the freezer.

saturday evening i got a lot accomplished on the fence. in the fading light and beginning spring shower. carting around cement foot after cement foot for a total of seven, they had to be over fifty pounds. they had me panting and tore up my hands and forearms. i have a bruise on my right palm and splinter on my left pinky. the gate is still not complete, i can't do it alone.

why do i bother? we will likely be moving in a matter of months.
but i can't bear to leave a job half done.
with two motivated people, it would have taken an afternoon.

the tulips are blooming and the ugly shrubs are proving to be covered in colorful flowers, so they aren't a complete wash. i can't find the pole beans in town that i want to grow and every time i think i will get a jump start on the season, i wake up to a frosty 30 degree morning.

to cheer myself up i bought chickens on saturday.
it is a little foolish, since should i need to rent a new home in a few months i will likely have to give them up. maybe they can bunk with my friend's chickens until i find a permenant situation. i bought four, two bantys and two buff orpingtons. they are as yet unnamed, but the little grey banty i am beginning to think as gidget. they are doing well, one of the buff's has issues with her toilet habits and in helping her stay alive i've unfortunately removed some of her hinie feathers.
poor thing. she probably thinks i am a monster.

milo is the only one to have seen what the half barrel in the mudroom contains. now when i go in to check on the girls it sits by the door and cries and cries, he can be such a ridiculous cry baby! (it is quite amusing to watch him through the glass in the door attempt to jump and crawl up the door--to what end, i have no idea.)

so. interesting things around the house.
i sit in suspense with what my future will hold.
i just hope if i move, its before tomato planting season.

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