First Week of the Season

last week was a very lovely week for the garden.
temperatures finally rose above 50 at night and so i felt brazen enough to plant my tomatoes over the weekend. i only have two kinds left to find: gardener's delight and black cherry. i hope to find them in Portland over next weekend.

i am in love with my neighbor's crabapple tree. it is covered in bright pink blossoms that have attracted all the neighborhood bees. on warm and sunny days there is a perceptible buzzing when you stand on the deck. in the evenings the tree makes the whole backyard smell fantastic. between that and the lilacs, i'm in heaven.

earlier in the week when it was still cool, i planted celery, cauliflower, parsley, dill and chives. hopefully i will get some beans in later this week, i'm having a hard time finding room for them and the trellis will take some extra time. plus i need to pick up some innoculant.

drove up into the hills on saturday and loaded my little sedan with river rocks. i am edging the borders of my beds with them, its looks good.

my goals for the garden this week include:
move the azaleas into the back
look at my seeds
plant seeds and bulbs
weed the front of the rosebed
build a trellis, plant beans

this week was nice for the house too, in its own way.
my roommate is leaving me and it has given me the wonderful opportunity to rearrange and redecorate as i see fit. i am getting the general vibe that she wants me to be irked as she takes her things away and unfortunate for her, i'm not. instead i am glad to simplify and beautify, and finally feel that i am laying some claim to my surroundings. i no longer feel a prisoner in my house or a prisoner to other people's whims.

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