rain, rain, come and play

the sky opened up, the rain began to fall, and the garden rejoiced.

when you're gardening you begin to appreciate the rain as much as the sun. and that simple little change in the way you interact with the weather begins to make you feel like part of the natural world again. for once you aren't trying to artificially manipulate your environment to be a commercial ideal.

this flower is one of the tulips that i planted when i moved in.
the poppies have begun blooming as well. lots of orange in the yard.

i've begun letting the chickens out into the yard. they don't escape, they just meander around the yard in a little pack, popping up into the air sporadically as they try their wings out. milo does his best wild cat impersonation as he hunts and stalks them, but has yet to hurt them or show any serious intention to—its just free entertainment.

heloise, the little red noisy one, likes to spend all her time with the big girls. she runs around the backyard with them and peeps incessantly when they are away. when merope roosts on top of the waterer, heloise pops up on top of the feeder.

i haven't made much progress on my to do list. for now, the rain gives me an excuse.

if anything, i'll try to get some seeds in the ground today. so far i've planted coneflower, borage, zinnias, calendula, monard. soon: beans, sunflowers (mammoth & teddy bear), sweet peas, four o'clocks, nicotina, nastirtums.

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