time to get into gear

in the last week i have done next to nothing in my garden.

in the past few days the most i have done is buy a slew of plants to be planted. perrenials such as fennel, salvia, yarrow, cammomile, coreposis, wallflower and lemon verbena.

the last of my tomatoes have been found:
black cherry, snow white, long keeper, and roma iv. i was unable to find gardener's delight and so subsituted snow white—a white cherry tomato (i can find red ones anywhere!) i found the eggplant i was interested in and bought squash even though i also have seed—we'll try both.

i've had no luck with my unusual watermelon. i'm growing what i can find.

with running out of the way i should have more time to focus on the garden. my realistic goals for this week are to:
1. remove morning glories
2. plant beans
3. build chicken coop
4. plant the rest of my plants

while in portland i picked up some windows and hinges for the coop. now i must scour the scrap piles of my and my family's garages, not to mention make a concrete plan regarding this coop of mine. (such high hopes!)

i hope to have it done by next monday.
the chickens are way too big to be in their wine barrel anymore. the water is now on two layers of brick and i've built a cardboard fortress around the barrel just so that they won't make a mess of everything.

its hot. i watered everything well and hope it will thrive tomorrow.
unfortunately, i won't have time for anything until wednesday, unless i garden by moonlight.

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