the to-do list grows

my feelings about the garden are a mixture of hope and frustration.

there are enormous weeds to be pulled, the area under the pine trees turned over so that the azaleas and irises can be moved, the hellebores are being ripped apart by the dog which spends most of her time getting caught up around the trees. the grass needs to be mowed but i won't do it until the yard is dog-debris free and there are still countless things to be trimmed. it is frustrating mostly because i do not have time to do it this weekend and i wish it to be done now.

the early veggies are struggling, the earth is definitely not as light and loose as our raised beds were in portland. and the greasey hair flowers are just looking longer and greasier, and aren't blooming.

the hope comes in spurts. the peonies have buds on them and the lilacs are just beginning to bloom. things are starting to come out of the ground and i'm beginning to get an idea of all the lovely things that will be growing.

but first, more work. a weeks worth of yard work.
the to-do list grows, but the number of hours in a day do not.

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