feathered friends

the chickens and i are becoming more familar.
merope likes me and will gladly sit on my hand, look at me and let me pet her (i changed morris' name to merope.) and tonight i found that iphegenia will do the same if merope is also with her, but not on her own just yet--which i blame on the removal of her tail feathers when i was cleaning her behind once.

next wednesday i have four to replace the original four coming. two gold laced wyandottes and two rhode island reds. the

chickens names are as follows:
buffs: iphegenia & merope
reds: heloise & beulah
wyandottes: odette & isolde

last night i had dinner with friends who also bought poultry this year. here are two particularly choice photos, olivia the punk chicken and irish the uncomfortable duck. i just love how olvia's hair is growing, every time i see her it just gives her a whole new personality. for awhile it was a flattop, it was just absurd. this picture of irish is just funny because he looks so uncomfortable.

its nearly one in the morning and the cats are running absolutely bonkers across the house. you hear nothing but thundering and bells, sometimes a miau. its funny and i'm glad in the long run, milo has been lonely and needy lately. i don't know what i will do when my roommate moves out and takes her cats with her. get milo a new friend? .........err.

tomatoes are already for sale in stores but i can't bring myself to buy them and plant them just yet, it still is very cold at night. i bought some bulbs i've never heard of, lily of the valley, rosemary and dill today. while in portland i can pick up the seeds i want and get my beans started, i can't believe how difficult it is to find different varieties of pole beans. bimart had very large celery starts, but i need to see how long they will take. i'd like to get a nice shade garden planted under the pine trees, but it will have to wait until next week. when i operate under the belief that i will buy my house, i am a lot more willing to do great things in the yard. i wish my fate was certain.

well, calvin is here, better snuggle up and go to sleep.

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