easter hunting and chickens, how appropriate

would you like to meet my girls?
here are the four of them. the two golden ones are named Morris and Iphegenia. i have yet to name the latter two, they are banty's (half sized chickens) and they will have furry legs. they are becoming more accustomed to being held and are growing rapidly, their spindly little feathers pushing their way through the down.

in other news, i went morel hunting today in the hills. today it was seventy degrees outside. we went in the late afternoon, up in the hills near biscuit ridge. it was like an easter hunt for grown ups.

i'd asked to be taken along after my interest had been piqued by a book i read. frankly, i don't like mushrooms. and when hard pressed to eat one, i don't think morels would be the ones i would gravitate to. but i like the idea of finding food in the wild and i can agree that mushrooms impart a nice flavor for many dishes.

well, luckily for my confidence, we found them quickly and steadily.
i would look out into the distance, see one and then as i worked my way towards it, would find others. i'd be crawling around on the ground, digging around in the leaves, getting scratched up by trees. every time that i worried i'd forgotten what they looked like or that my run was over, i'd see another. it was fun and i brought in quite a haul (as you can see in my lovely turquoise pyrex).

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