go along...go along

today i randomly decided to give milo a bath.
he was not pleased—to say the least.
but he was stinky! and dirty! he deserved it.
i need to get waterless bath stuff.

tomorrow i'm checking out a 2nd cat. currently named Doo-Dah, have yet to dream up a worthy name for him. so many things to consider. it all sounds promising though. i hope he'll be a good friend for milo. so curious what this kitty is like. i hope he is good. i want to be his mommy.

but. for now, i have a wet, wet-cat-smelly, cat on my lap.
at least he forgives me.

tomorrow the chickens will be eating quite a buffet. spaghetti, garbonzo beans, broccolli, tuna fish, and carrots. they ... they are funny. tselma especially, because she wants to be her own chicken. i wish the newer chicks weren't so anxious around me.

this weekend: clean the chicken coop, get a cat, play with a puppy.

my house inspection came through well. phew!
the sloping is inexplicable, there are no structural concerns.
it just is what it is. some days i think this home is truly fated for me.

good night. wish me luck.

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