furry and feathered friends

its been a weekend for pets.
friday i picked up a new cat. he is as-yet unnamed.
we have a strict cat rotation schedule through friday.
already it seems a little smoother.

they are both so beautiful. they don't match, they can't compare.
they are completely different.
(the time i spend with each i'm just like—wow—so pretty.)
i wonder if milo will get bigger. if not, he's kind of small.

i've decided to change the chicken known as merope to io. iphegenia and io. merope just doesn't roll of my tongue in any fashion that feels natural. i am looking to rehome tslema and vernon. vernon needs to go and i don't think its fair or that it will be easy to just get rid of him.
i haven't any use for banties frankly.

so as much as it pains me, i hope i can find them a home.

showed the fam and friends the house. they liked it. trying to figure out home much it would cost to refinish the hardwood floors. if i should move right away or move after i paint. and ... do the floors?

i'd like to put someone in the basement. would like to cover the ceilings.

in other pet-news. my friend and my cubemate each got puppies.
nixon and miley. afghan-poodle and wirehaired terrier.
played with a puppy at work, played with a puppy all weekend.
rotated cats when i wasn't out having fun.

sigh. i hope the kitties will be friends. i really do.

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