The Cat Rotation Schedule

6:45—wake up, snuggle with milo until 7 (ideally, realistically: 715)
Let Milo out, let chickens out, give them their salad
Let Aesop out of laundry. Snuggle with on couch.
Get ready. Say goodbye to both cats.

12/12:30—Home for lunch. Love Milo on porch.
Do the lunch hour thing, love on Aesop for awhile
Feed Aesop and put him in the laundry
Let Milo in, feed him, love on him.
Give the Chickens their feed.

After Work
Say hello to Milo, let him out.
Let Aesop out of Laundry. Love on/Play with.
(Possible social hour with Milo & Chickens)

9/10pm—Set up Aesop in Laundry w/ wet food.
Close up the chickens, refresh their water.
Let Milo in, give wet food, snuggle with.

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